To Our Future Guests:


The Owner of Pine Bridge Inn says: “Hi!’

A little about our flamboyant estate: Cozy, Comfortable and Confined. Nestled in the outskirts of the Greater Seattle Area, you can expect to have a grand getaway.

Pinebridge Inn is not your normal resort in Seattle.

We have all the necessities that one would want:

  • 50 yard swimming pool
  • Queen Size mattresses
  • Breakfast In Bed
  • Pool table
  • Full size bar
  • Flat screens in every bedroom

The whole 9 yards and more.

We have 5 bedrooms total. We keep it social enough so you can hang out with others, but private enough so you can enjoy some quiet time.

Give us a call, you’ll speak to Jenny. You will like her

Our place is stankin’ new, see these fine gentleman for their professional service in carpentry!

living room

Spacious living room, full bar and pool table

We’ve been so busy with our side business in Seattle – Hungry Buzzard

That we feel so privileged to be able to revamp our existing estate to make a luxury getaway for those in the great northwest!